Title: a3/26/2016 7:41:29 PM
Title: 2023/7/20 10:49:29
Never got my food.
Title: 2023/5/1 13:16:49
A delivery driver from this restaurant showed up at my house with a bag of food. We told them that we didn't order any food and that he was at the wrong address. He would not leave our house until we signed the receipt and took the food. He returned about 30+ minutes later and was VERY AGGRESSIVE. He demanded the food back (even though it had been eaten out of) and said he was taking it to the next customer. He was African American, driving a white Toyota. He again wouldn't leave until the food was back in his hands to take to the next person. We did try to be honest and let them know we didn't order any food but he wouldn't stop harassing us until we took the food. He is literally taking food to someone right now that had bites taken out of it from us. He very seriously needs to be fired as this is not only a health hazard but he is threatening people as well. Nobody wants that kind of person delivering food.
Title: 2023/11/17 9:25:47
Title: 2020/3/28 18:07:37
Our usual places are closed, but this one says they're open for delivery. Well, after more than two hours and no phone contact I think we've wasted our time and money.
Title: 2020/10/5 15:26:56
I ordered from this restaurant at least twice a month in my orders are always over $20 I live alone right down the street I've had my children pick up the take out for me and today I picked up take out which was like $26 the egg foo young was really tough and the gravy is so strong. Also my happy family which is what I always order nearly I think one time I didn't order it but I usually ordered double egg drop soup happy family egg rolls I had one shrimp in there and no crab that I could discern. I've noticed since the virus thing the portions got a little smaller and I can understand that I like to patronize my neighborhood restaurants you and White River Fish Market especially but I was really disappointed I don't want my money back I don't want you to make it up or anything like that I would just like for it not to happen again thank you
Title: 2019/7/4 13:57:05
This is beyond ridiculous. It has been almost three hours since I placed my delivery order. Tell me something or I will cancel my order and call someone else.
Title: 2019/4/17 16:20:01
We have been eating food here for years. We have been getting our food delivered for years. All of a sudden they decided they couldn’t deliver to my house. They couldn’t give us a reason for why the sudden changes. All they said was we didn’t answer the door for a delivery. I have NEVER ordered food and wasn’t present for my delivery. I know one time they didn’t deliver to us, because they went to the wrong street which happens to be the same name, but mine is Pl. and the place they delivered to is St.....not our fault. And that was years ago. When we tried to explain it must be a mistake, they hung up. Too bad it had to end this way with a simple miscommunication error.
Title: 2019/3/19 19:49:01
Worst service ever!!! I was there on a Friday night when they were supposed to close at 9:45, got there at 9:00pm And the very rude cashier just yelled at me that they were closed , I mean, I don’t really mind they being closed but the way she just yelled at me and my daughter really made me mad . They have great food they just need to work on they’re customer service.
Title: 2019/2/27 16:50:07
Love the online ordering. The delivery driver is so nice!! Fast and speedy service and great food!!! Got some pickey eaters here but there were no complaints!! Great restaurant!!!
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